10 Curiosities of the Viking Tattoos | How they were [With Images]

The Vikings were the people who inhabited the Nordic villages of Scandinavia . The men, mainly, differed from the rest of European civilizations by their garments, great strength, long beards and, in addition, Viking tattoos. As you read it, some of the members of these towns They carried symbols on their skin that were of great value to their community Do you want to meet them?

The symbols embodied in the Viking tattoos were, above all, representations of good, evil, protective figures, objects that they used in their day to day and even images of the Viking gods to those who venerated. However, Nordic tattoos, as they are also known, were not left in ancient Scandinavia, Nowadays there are many people who value the meaning of these symbols and decide to draw them on different areas of their bodies to take them with you.

If you are one of those interested in knowing how were the Viking tattoos , your curiosities, symbols, or you are simply looking for ideas to get a tattoo and you came to this article of Supercurioso, we invite you to continue reading so you can see through the images that we will share 10 of the most outstanding Viking tattoos of this town.

10 Curiosities of Viking tattoos | Discover its important meanings

1. The Vegvisir It is the first of the Viking tattoos we want to present to you. This symbol has a meaning of protection that the Nordics appreciated every time they undertook conquests or any kind of struggle. The vegvísir is also known under the names of "directional sign" or "Viking compass", taking into account that its design is very similar to one of these location instruments. The sole and main purpose of this Viking symbol is protect whoever carries it from any situation of danger . As an additional curious fact we inform you that the singer Björk , native of Iceland , has a Vegvisir tattooed near his left shoulder.

Viking Tattoos

2. The next curiosity about the Viking tattoos you are about to read includes a couple of animals and Odin, the god of wisdom in Norse mythology. This symbol is the crows Hugin and Munin, who used to travel next to the god. Hugin represents thought, while Munin symbolizes memory ; both used to be drawn in the bodies of the Vikings due to the mythological importance of these three characters in the Viking culture.

3. The hammer of Thor It is another of the Viking tattoos widely famous since ancient times. Mjolnir , which is its mythological name, is part of the most powerful weapons of Nordic mythology and has been part of the Thor's story because of its importance.

Viking Tattoos 1

4. "The tree of life", better known as Yggdrasil It is a mythological symbol that is often the favorite of fans of the Viking culture. The branches of the tree are responsible for uniting the worlds and the roots are found next to a well of water that represents knowledge.

5. Vikings also used to tattoo themselves on their bodies Wyrd network, which represents the destination . This symbol is formed by different lines that join together and form a mesh or network. Three of the lines symbolize the past, the present and the future.

Viking Tattoos 2

6 The Svefnthorn is one of the most manipulable Viking tattoos , since its design can be altered according to what the person wants to represent. In itself this symbol was a kind of amulet that allowed the Vikings to avoid nightmares. Just as there are dream catchers in American culture, also known as good luck symbols , the Svefnthorn stays in the skin of the wearer to give him full rest.

7. If there is something that represents the culture of these European peoples are the drakkars, the fearsome Viking ships in which the warriors were transported to carry out their conquests, wars or other types of struggles . The drawing of the drakkar became popular quickly due to its interesting structure , reason why it is also part of the list of curious Viking tattoos that people nowadays tend to perform.

Viking Tattoos 3

8. The next tattoo we will know is also marketed as an amulet today. We are talking about the Cruz Troll, a circle made from iron that crosses at its bottom . This symbol is a protection amulet and in Sweden It is known as a method to keep elves and trolls away.

9. Speaking of mythological creatures, Sleipnir It is a horse that is characterized by having eight legs and that has been part of different poems and Viking novels . Also, the figure of Sleipner, as it is also known, is usually on the list of ideas for tattoos of those people who love everything related to the Nordic.

Viking Tattoos 4

10. The last of the Viking tattoo curiosities that we bring also involves the Celtic culture, which used to use this symbol as a method of protection . The Knot Shield consists of four sections and can be drawn with or without fill, that is, exclusively its silhouette.

Now that you know 10 Viking tattoos, their curiosities and meanings, do you already know which symbol you will tattoo? In case the answer is affirmative, we invite you to share it in the comments accompanied by the reason why you decided to make such a tattoo. If you simply entered the article to learn more about the Vikings , Why do not you continue your research deepening the Viking names most common or the true story of the famous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok ? You will surely enjoy the items that we have prepared for you!

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