10 Curiosities of the Fetus in fetu | Parasite twins

In the history of humanity there have been cases of strange births and anomalies in the birth of a baby. Sometimes these anomalies touch even the grotesque, as is the case with the curiosities of the fetus in fetu . A striking example that we saw in the movies was in "Total Challenge" (1990), when we met Quato, that twin who parasitized the body of his brother, maintaining his own conscience.

This phenomenon occurs when in the pregnancy of twins, one of them is inside the other. He is, in a way, practically absorbed by his brother. These curiosities of the fetus in fetu, who also It has also been called "impregnated" babies, you will also be amazed as much as this phenomenon.

Curiosities of fetus in fetu

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curiosities of the fetus in fetu

1. They are "parasites" . One of the curiosities of the fetus in fetu is its parasite condition, since the absorbed twin becomes a parasite of his brother, since he lives completely inside it. When we say "live", and this has been the subject of numerous debates, it is because while cells If they are alive, the individual can be considered as well, even in a very basic way.

2. In spite of everything, they are benign . Another of the curiosities of the fetus in fetu is that, although it is considered a parasite, an individual that is absorbed by another does not present any danger since many parts of it, surely, will be fused with the brother

3. They are usually located in the abdomen . One of the curiosities of fetus in fetu is its location. They are often located in the abdomen, specifically in the retroperitoneal cavity.

4. Other areas where they are. The fetus in fetu not only lodge in the abdomen. There are cases in which the baby is born with its twin absorbed in its cranial cavity. They can also be found in such strange areas as esophagus , the area that contains the heart and, even, in the scrotum!

curiosities of the fetus in fetu 1

5. Male dominance . As another of the curiosities of the fetus in fetu, we have that this phenomenon is more common among males, with a percentage of 2 to 1

6. A very rare condition We do not believe that fetus in fetu are common, since in reality they are extremely unusual. It must be taken into account that monozygotic twins or identical twins only occur 1 case in 333. The strange condition of joint twins occurs once every 50,000 to 100,000 births. But the case of the fetus in fetu is given every 500,000 cases, which makes it very unusual. In fact, only 100 cases have been counted worldwide.

7. What do they have inside? Most of the time what is found are vertebrae or limbs like arms or legs, or even, on occasion, the head.

8. How are they usually detected? Most of the time it is detected when they are still in the mother's womb and visualized by prenatal ultrasound. X-rays are also a good method to detect these fetus in fetu.

When an abnormal mass is detected in a fetus, several techniques are usually used to discover its origin. Sometimes it is possible for the baby to be born without having detected another fetus inside, but later it is very likely that the baby presents a unusual swelling that leads to discovery. In most cases, at 89%, it is detected before the baby reaches 18 months.

curiosities of the fetus in fetu 2

Quato in "Total Challenge" (1990)

9. Reach adult without knowing of its existence. It is possible that fetus in fetu has not been detected by doctors and even that person can grow and reach adulthood by carrying parts of their twin or twin inside. There is the case of a woman who at age 30 discovered that she had a head and a spine floating in her abdomen. When it was opened to remove them, teeth, hair, limbs and even an umbilical cord were found.

In some of the cases in which it took to diagnose was because the individuals believed that it was swelling. In other cases it was the doctors who believed they were facing a tumor.

As we say, it is strange not to notice until adulthood, not in vain are only 15 cases that have been discovered in adults.

10. Surgery is the best solution for these cases and usually the twin who is born with his brother inside experiences a great improvement when it is removed.

The success of this type of interventions is very high, especially compared to the surgery necessary for the separation of united twins, which is usually much more expensive and does not enjoy the same guarantees of success, especially because it depends a lot on where they are linked.

After all, the curiosities of the fetus in fetu are simply that, curiosities since they do not entail a greater problem or risk, besides that they are truly unusual and rare cases.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that you get stuck one of the images of the curiosities of the fetus in fetu in the mind and you can not sleep at night imagining the horror that it must be to go around with pieces of your brother in your body Do not you think?

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